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For centuries, people have used incense for meditative and spiritual practices. The long history of incense speaks to its incredible power. We love burning incense and believe that there are many amazing benefits to unlock in this practice. Here are our five favourite benefits of burning incense:
Improves focus: Burning incense is a deliberate practice that sets aside time to really focus on the task at hand. Whether you are working or meditating, incense can help clear your mind and help you focus on the task you are doing.
Stimulates creativity: Incense can trigger your sense memory, helping you connect with moments in your life that inspire you. It can also help you connect with your environment so you can foster the creative energy inside of you.
Increases motivation: Incense can help boost your motivation by heightening your sense of awareness. Channeling the awareness of the world around you can help inspire you to fulfill your ambitions.
Creates space: Creating space is really important when taking time out. Burning incense can help define through its smells as well as the time it takes for the sticks to burn. This helps you connect you to your environment so you can focus on your spiritual growth.
Reduces anxiety: Incense can help to slow your heart rate, improve your breathing, and relaxed tired nerves. Also, taking the time to burn incense in and of itself is a caring practice which can help you feel better no matter what is going on in your life.

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