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Crystal Tree contains crystal power and energy created by Mother Earth for the benefits of Humanity. Crystal contains a lot of positive energy, which can be reaped for the welfare of humans. Furthermore, Trees always symbolize growth, creation, abundance as well as new opportunities.
Crystal Tree merges and combines the benefits of Natural Crystals as well as Tree shape. If you keep a Crystal Tree in a particular direction not only does it removes negativity from that direction, but also fills a lot of positivity as per the individual stone characteristics in that area. It also enhances aspects and matters related to that particular area or zone.
That is the reason, if you place Natural Crystal Tree in North Direction; it creates a lot of wealth and abundance. In the same manner, if you place Crystal Tree in East Direction, it facilitates your career and new opportunities. The placement of Crystal Tree also increases good fortune and luck in the life. Natural Crystals and crystal trees enhance healing energies and increase positivity in the house. Many people also find their visual presence to be calming.
Below mentioned is different placement of Crystal Tree and their benefits in addition to the individual benefits of a particular crystal. In the Northeast corner– increases good luck and success in education ; In North direction – enhance wealth and abundance in the family ; Southwest corner– enhances love, harmony, health and happiness ; Northwest corner– improves career prospects and creativity .

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